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SHOAL installation by TROIKA

(all images from TROIKA´s site)

Shoal is the most recent installation created by TROIKA, it was commissioned by TEDECO to be part a permanent installation for the Corus building located at Toronto’s Waterfront.

SHOAL installation spans across a a 50 meter long corridor,it has 467 fish-like objects wrapped in iridescent
colours and suspended from the ceiling rotate rhythmically around their own axis to display the movements and interdependency typical to school of fish using swarm intelligence concepts . @toxi was in charge to help with the behaviour editor for purchase prescription drugs this installation , as the elements are set in motion the ceiling appears liquified changing the spatial experience of the corridor while opening up the surrounding architecture infinitely
towards Lake Ontario.

Multimedia installation, Toronto
50 (long) x 3.6 (wide) m,
467 individually rotating elements,
Dichroic acrylic,
Custom build electronics, stepper motors and controls

TROIKA_SHOAL from Troika on Vimeo.