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SKIN – self-structure by Ay_A Studio

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Last week I was pleased to meet via email Jorge Ayala founder of [Ay]A Studio an international studio operating from Paris committed with cutting edge research and experimentation, across scales. [Ay]A engages the field of design, architecture and landscape urbanism in both academic and professional praxis. Jorge was kind to send me some bits of one of his latest projects

Skin is an organic self-structure, an artificial corpus overlapping meshing systems and subsystems, inhabiting space and challenging its perception.

Skin was conceived as a computational design, based on emerging logics of construction and manufacturing. Fibreglass moulds, high tech plastics and other techniques will be employed to rapid prototype and assemble this processual design.
Parametric tools were used in order to process data, find and refine form, simulate fluidity and a set of performances.

This 10 meter long structural design brings a landscaped pi├Ęce unique recreating new formal ways of apparel, gathering behaviour and creating organisational newness.
Skin will be rapid prototyped in Spring 2011.