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SoundShapes by Ricky Van Broekhoen

(All images from Ricky Van Broekhoen)
SoundShapes by Ricky Van Broejhoen is a collection of sculptural objects digitally created based on the patterns produced by a Chladni plates stacked together to create intricate beautiful pieces, allowing the spectator to experience visually the beauty of sound.

The Chladni Device from SoundShapeLab. on Vimeo.

Project Descirption by Ricky Van Broekhoen
As a sounddesigner and musician I always experience music as something very tangible. Almost in the same degree as experiencing a landscape. But it is always something that remains ungraspable. I got fascinated by the Chladni patterns. They visualize resonance patterns of sound in a miraculous way. Salt or a similar substance is poured on a thin metal plate that is resonating on a clear tone.
Every tone frequency has it’s own specific symmetrical organic drawing that appears. The device used is called a Chladni plate. During my research I built several. I made the process of transformation within the drawing on the Chladni plate three dimensional inspired by CT scan technology. A piece of sound is now spatially recorded.