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Soxels Acustic Media Facade [processing]

Soxels is an acustic media facade created by by Simon Schiessl and Felix Hardmood Beck , it was developed and prototyped with a matrix of approx. 1000 speakers and presented at the DMY International Design Festival 2010.

The faced is composed of a collection of “sound pixels” or Soxels and a feed in point to provide each speaker with an individual sound stream. DSP technology opens the spectrum from processing natural sounds, transforming them, or generating complex artificial sounds. The developed software is able to mix all integrated sound layers on any speaker anywhere on the wall and do individual sound manipulation.

The Soxels hardware works seamless together with softwares like MaxMSP, Processing, VVVV and many more, it can also be easily be used for interactive installations by feeding in live pictures.

Soxels at Berlins International Design Festival 2010 from Felix Hardmood Beck on Vimeo.

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