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Structural Ornament – Malgorzata Mozolewska

Malgorzata Mozolewska´s degree piece is in fact about research. On the one hand, it attempts to come up with a new technique of intelligent algorithmic designing and, as a result, to create a new material. On the other hand it just looks for contemporary ornament which acts at the same time as structure of an object. The project relies upon assumptions stemming from detailed analysis of the history of ornament, from a search for new technologies as well as from observation of phenomena and processes of nature. Another assumption was to push forward dynamic growth of 3D print technologies, very promising in terms of bringing lower process of objects created.

Michal Piasecki was the responsible of the software development created in processing. It usesan arbitrary shaped mesh as an input. The user is then able to assign the forces. The software then conducts a series of steps to generate a 3d printable infill responsive to the forces present. First is a structural analysis using a direct stiffness method. An outcome of this is a 3-dimensional array of voxels, each containing data on the forces and displacement. This data is used to generate a grid of points which becomes denser where forces are greater. Then the infill is generated based on this grid, thus it becomes responsive to the forces present.

Below is an excerpt from Malgorzata’s description:
“Structural ornament arises on the verge of order and chaos, mathematic calculation and chance, but once achieved, it may serve to shape any object you like. It is generated by a purpose-made software that takes into account the shape of a desired object, loads and pressures therein and adds a component of chance so that the structure obtained, while functional, is different each and every time and not entirely foreseeable. Preparation of the software was preceded by painstaking analysis of the history and transformation of ornament over time, helping to precisely channel my search and to find my own way of creating the structural ornament which is firmly rooted in history, inspired by processes seen in nature, but created using order drugs without prescription modern technologies.”