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Wuhan Workshop

The International Conference on Machinery and Materials, initialize a wave of movement in linking architecture to computation in central part of China. The workshop, hosted in Hauzhong University of Technology and science and co-organized by various universities, is a pioneer event in this region of China. The workshop was a five days intensive training and production follow by international conference by top practitioners, professors, architects and researchers to share and deliver the message of a new era of digital architecture to this region of China.

The Installation

The 1:1 scaled model, named the Face, is an architecture surface that constructed at the end of the five days workshop. The Function of the surface is flexible, for example it could be a table, chair, wall, ceiling, etc. Building a 1:1 scale model push the limit of integration of digital tools and physical model, as several uncalculated focuses like gravity, tension, wind, etc added stress to the connection detail of the basic paper unit.

Digital modeling

The explorations of digital tools to mimic, analyze, visualize, and predict the constructability of the model was an important lesson learned during the workshop. A wide range of programs were used during the workshop like grasshopper, rhino, maya, processing,rhinoscript, freeform origami, realflow, tess, Xfrog, paracloud, kangaroo, etc.

Digital to Physical to Digital

During the workshop participants learned the importance of stepping back from the computer and understand the constrains of the materials and real world , this helps to have a better knowledge of how you need to use digital tools and take this consideration into early faces of design to have much better results.