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SZU Pavilion


The SZU pavilion is the result of a semester long module collaborated between HKPDA and Shenzhen University. Bending gracefully in the atrium space of SZU.

The geometry was generated using the kangaroo plugin for Grasshopper, which is a physics simulation software, to investigate on a force effective geometry balancing tension and compression. Afterwards the surface was textured with a parametric component using triangular forces.

The pavilion had to be planned in such a manner that was feasible, site-specific and possible with the available resources and timeline. Students were expected to lead and propose the actual function of the pavilion to benefit the general public.

Participans:Cho CHUNG MAN, WANG Yang, ZHANG Yuang, JUN Jie, Jaenes BONG, CONG Yan, & Victor LEUNG

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