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The Guerrilla CG Project


The Guerrilla CG Project Its one of the best iniciatives I have ever seen to introduce people into the world of CG, Latley I have been watching its conceptual videos in order to improve my polygonal modeling skills I thought it was worth it to post about this projects and share it.
If you are interested in 3D modeling and you are looking for a good place to start this is it, and if you are already a pro this is the correct place to share your skills and support this great project.


Guerrilla, adj : independent forces used to fight a stronger foe
The GuerrillaCG Project is a free non for profit organisation that hopes to make it easier to learn high-end computer graphics. We are building a team of volunteers to create videos, that describe in an easy and understandable manner, the fundamental concepts of computer graphics. Because core concepts rarely change with time, these videos have the potential to teach for many years into the future and help thousands of people all over the world. With enough people, it’s possible that we can create a vast library covering many of the core concepts of computer graphics.
While taking advantage of our ability to explain complex concepts clearly and quickly, we aim to network with the vast amounts of information already on the Internet. This means we have the ability to list, explain and filter existing learning resources (free and commercial products and training) that are available to students. And so The GuerrillaCG Buy Viagra Online Without Prescription Project hopes become the starting point for those wishing to learn computer graphics.

Primitives from The Guerrilla CG Project on Vimeo.