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The Janus Machine 3D Scanning Installation

The Janus Machine is an interactive installation created by Kyle McDonald ,Zachary Lieberman ,Theodore Watson and Daito Manabe using 3D Scanning techniques from their previous research they have created an installation that records yourself purchase prozac online in a 3d point cloud and lets you interact with it by using an analog interface.

The installation works by sitting yourself in front of the scanner , then you are bathed in structured light, allowing the shape of your profile to be digitized and archived. This portrait, an attempt to capture your likeness in three dimensions, is compared to a library of other portraits captured in the same manner. From these comparisons emerges an outline of the captured form: a playful perspective on your relationship to others, built from light, inviting you to explore further

Janus is a god from Roman mythology, strongly associated with transitions and duality: young and old, coming and going, or the past and future. Janus is often depicted with two faces, each facing in opposite directions. “The Janus Machine” offers a modern corollary for this ancient metaphor and mythology.

Currently installed at Ars Electronica Center through September 2011, and Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam through October 29th.

The Janus Machine from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.