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The Octahedron by LMNts

The Octahedron-lmnts011
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The Octahedron is an experimental pavilion created by Seattle based studio LMNts Studio, The pavillion consisting of over 2000 parts was created to be exposed at the 2013 Seattle Design Festival.

Project Description
The pavilion is clad with over 400 triangular MDF panels held in place with either friction or trapped due to assembly sequencing. The inner face is painted blue, and serves as the canvas for a collection of 54 sets of CNC cut patterns generated by coworkers as part of an internal technology training exercise. The outer face is painted black and serves as a canvas for the community to transform the appearance of the Octahedron with chalk over the course of the Design Festival. Laser-cut miniature triangular base units were provided for festival-goers to assemble and gain an insight into the construction of the Octahedron.

the Octahedron from LMN Tech Studio on Vimeo.

The Octahedron-lmnts

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The Octahedron-lmnts03

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