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The Work of Matthew Ritche

(photo by Ramon Portillo)
Matthew Ritchie’s installations of painting, wall drawings, light boxes, sculpture, and projections are investigations of the idea of information; explored through science, architecture, history and the dynamics of culture, defined equally by their range and their lyrical visual language.His most recent exhibitions in New York and London; ‘Universal Adversary’ and ‘Ghost Operator’, incorporated architectural interventions and chance based interactive digital projections to explore an alternate history of time.

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This project proposes a ruin from the future, a new type of structure whose function can only be inferred not just by using it but by reading it. Combining science, art, architecture, music and film into the first semasiographic building, an architectural language that directly expresses its content through its structure. A structure that is simultaneously generating itself and falling apart.

There are two fundamental system of visual language employed for the tiled structure. A glottographic system provides a visible representation of spoken language utterances, and a semasiographic system seeks to indicate ideas directly , like the pictogram on road signs .By tiling a visual language through a three dimensional structure a semasiographic structure is created.

The visual language is expressly developed to not only carry the physical load of the structure but to express it throughout the structure.The surface drawings express the lines of forces.

By folding the tiled visual language across and through a three dimensional structure a semiassographic structure is created.