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Trailers_anemone by John Carpenter

trailers_anemone, 2013_03
(all images from ACME)

ACME Gallery presents ┬áJohn Carpenter’s latest work, Trailers_anemone, an interactive installation that explores fluid, undulating trails of light through time and space. On its own, the trails define a constantly shifting space that is both meditative and calming; however, when stimulated, the trails stir off with the viewer’s movement. trailers_anemone relates to a recent project called TRAILERS_LUPO, which is a permanent interactive installation at Trattoria del Lupo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

John Carpenter is an interactive digital artist and designer whose work explores natural systems and complex data and spaces. Based in Los Angeles, he works for Oblong Industries as a g-speak engineer and is a visiting professor in the Multimedia Arts Department at Loyola Marymount University. John earned his MFA from the department of Design | Media Arts at UCLA (2009) and has recently exhibited work at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, ACME. Los Angeles and Young Projects.

trailers_anemone installation at ACME. los angeles from johnbcarpenter on Vimeo.

trailers_anemone, 2013_02

trailers_anemone, 2013_01