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Transensing Interactive objects

Transensing is a collection of interactive objects created by Christina Biliouri, the goal of this project is to shift inclusive design from being merely a problem solving process to an emotional approach, this project mainly focuses in the implication blind people has in everyday social transactions ,the handcrafted glasses utilize arduinos + processing, piezo electric transducers, accelerometers and wireless communication ass tools to help blind people interact with their social enviorment.

Transensing intends to raise awareness by introducing objects which provoke and invite people to immerse themselves in a new experience where touch and sound are celebrated. The series of glassware, designed with Dick G. as a lead user, work as communication tools on various levels within social occasions. Above all, it is a demonstration of how design can become a tool to tackle social exclusion.

The series of objects are all to be used in social occasions and they work on different levels.

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“Where am I?” is a set of objects designed to be used by others in order to help the visually impaired understand where you are standing in a conversation. Simply by fiddling with your drink, the glass works as sound signifier.

“In between bubbles” can provide visually impaired people with the ability to keep in touch with their partner in a social occasion. By placing the glass on your ear you can listen to the other person’s drink.

“The Sound of Memories” What if you could capture the sounds of a whole night simply by drinking? This glass works as a time capsule; by turning it upside down you can listen and share the memories with friends.