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UDON Restaurant Madrid

UDON , Madrid project was recently completed by architects Quim Girbau & Neus Mateu. For the design of the ceiling architects consulted Medio design and LAN for the implementation of parametric design and digital fabrication.

The ceiling elements were cut from Alucobond by CNC, it was an experiment in prescription drugs without form and optimization. Rather than extracting the ribs from a free form surface which represented a 30% of material waste , they inspired in the work of Andrew Kudless’ Zero/Fold Screen.,and by constraining the overall geometry and implementing simple trigonometric functions, they were able to reduce material waste to 5% overall as well as dramatically decrease production time by 50%.As a result they obtained a very plastic and expressive form and great results in terms of time, waste and cost optimization.

Project Architect: Quim Girbau & Neus Mateu

Design Consultation and Fabrication: Medio Design

Parametric Design and Geometry Consultation: @LaN_Luis – LaN