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Design / Arts

Glassware Consultancy [Grasshopper]

A consultancy work for industrial designer Lina Fuentes who designed some glassware pieces which have some vintage diamond patterns on it

Recursive Aggregations [Rhinoscript]

I has been a while scince I didn´t experiment with rhinoscript so this weekend seem to be the pefect time, this time keeping up with recusrive algorithms

Augmented Reality Experiment [processing]

As I mentioned before one of my 2010 resolutions was to spend more time learning an developing interactive design applications

VBscript GH Excercise (woo jae´s work)

A quick excercise of components between two surfaces, I´m starting to get into the world VB scripting for Rhino Garsshopper

Waffle Structures: Rhino Grasshopper

Yes ! the classic waffle structures , I think this kind of definitions are very useful specially to those starting in their way of parametric design . . .

Augmented Reality

An experiment made in Processing using JMyron library for tracking a color from a webcam stream.

Scripted Creatures

The main purpose of this project was to create an algorithm that helped me to develop a generative sculpture like object. . .

Water bottle design

As an academic project we were asked to design a water botlle made by injection molded pocess, for my design i proposed a bottle with fluid forms that would be similar to the ones we find in water in a natural enviorment.