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Augmented Reality Experiment [processing]

Augmented Reality [processing]
As I mentioned before one of my 2010 resolutions is to spend more time learning an developing interactive design applications so here are my first steps. =D
The other day I saw a great post showing some nice applications of augmented reality, most of them were for made for marketing purposes which I think its a great way to engage with costumers , but I think this are only the first steps in using this kind technologies in the everyday life , there are many applications that will be really helpful some of them are already being built as iphone apps

My experiment with augmented reality using Processing
Below you´ll see a video showing my first approaches to Augmented Reality once again I have to thank the awesome community of Processing which personally I think is the most powerful feature of the software, which create tons of libraries that really makes our lives easier.
In this case I use the following libraries: JMyron for capture the video feed from my web cam, ArtTooKit to track the Hiro pattern and create the 3D space and Saito´s OBJ Loader to import the 3d Object in this case a simple torus .obj.

How it works
The program takes the video feed from a video source in this case my web cam then it tracks down the pattern it is programed to recognize once it has done this it creates a 3d space taking as a base the pattern, once this is done you can use this space as a normal 3d space in the processing environment, in this case I imported an .obj file and added some controls so I can rotate the object using my mouse.
Now I´m working on a version to import more complex geometries and real time rendering with shades and lighting features.

If you have any questions about this kind of projects please let me now I´ll do my best to try to help.