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Augmented Reality

Creating Interactive systems has become one of my new interests for my research and development of projects I think they can contribute a lot of new elements to architecture and design in general so as a first step into this world i create this application that are commonly are known as digital mirrors in which you use the data  took from a video stream in this case my web cam and the alter this information with other elements as an output ,the possibilities for playing with this kind of information are huge.

How it was made!!
For the production of this project I used Processing which is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions.The great thing about Processing its that you can add external code libraries which upgrades the capabilities of the software to the infinite in this case I used the JMyron library which allows Processing to detect a video stream ,once I had this information what i did was to track an specific color using the RGB id , then I write a code to start displaying a bunch of particles coming out from the ubication of the previously tracked color.