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Glassware Consultancy [Grasshopper]

During the weekend I worked on a consultancy project for the industrial designer @linafuensanta who designed some glassware pieces which had some vintage diamond patterns on it , modeling this patterns by traditional techniques can be a little bit difficult and tedious, also the control you may have over the elements cannot be so accurate , to solve this I was asked to generate a small algorithm in grasshopper that allows the creation of these patterns in a  more efficient way, for example to have control over the number of elements in each direction of the surface and the height of each component, this also allowed to make several tests in no time to find out the correct number of elements who best suited the design.

Often we tend to think that parametric design is for the exclusive use of complex projects with lots of variables and complicated morphologies, here is a simple example of how this methodologies can be also very helpful in more simple and traditional design processes.

The main part of the definition made for this project for creating diagrid patterns is available for download.
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File Name:DiagridCladdingSurface.ghx