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Recursive Aggregations [Rhinoscript]

link I found the other day on facebook about project called artificial symbiont which is about a synthetic organism that is composed of very basic elements at a nanoscale which are able to replicate, move and cooperate with other in order to create more complex systems just as human cells does on our body.

So I tried to see if I could achieve this kind of aggregations using a 4-pod element like the one I saw on that project , to do it I revisit a code I saw once at Kokkugia´s wiki about recursive aggregations and tweaked a little bit to adapt it to the 4-pod elementmentioned before. The aggregated component was modeled using T-Splines for rhino as I´ve said in other occasions is great for organic modelling.The code it´s a little buggy and generate some replications in the same places but for a one day experiment I think is ok . If you are curious of trying it out and improve it please let me know.=)

In the next days I will be posting some experiments for surface tesselations on surafces using  Grasshopper if you want to keep updated you can suscribe to my RSS Feed

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Script File:RecursiveAggregation01.rvb

Rhino File :Recursive4-Pod.3dm