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Scripted Creatures

Rhinoscript complete_image

The main purpose of this project was to create an algorithm that helped me to develop a generative sculpture like object , I wanted to create complex and organic structures just for the fun of it so I came out with the idea of Scripted Creatures which its a code made in Rhinoscript which generates this creature similar figures.

How it works!!

The script works in a simple way, the user need to input a set of points like a point cloud extracted from a scanned figure could be for example , the the script will elaborate a curve network between those point based on distance conditional , the script asks the user to select the created lines he wants to use for the creation of the final structure after that the script completes the task by creating the organic lofted surfaces you see in the image above.

This script perhaps it can be useful to perform other tasks besides the creation of nonsense creatures if you find one please let me know.=)

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File Name:ScriptedCreatures.rvb