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VBscript GH Excercise (woo jae´s work)


A quick excercise of components between two surfaces, I´m starting to get into the world VB scripting for Rhino Garsshopper which I think is key element that differeciates grasshopper from any other parametric design tools available at the moment the syntax is a little bit more complicated than just using plain rhinoscript but once you start setting the input and output variables it all starts to make sense , this excercise comes from a tutorial of Woo Jae Sung I recomend a lot to check out his work.

As for this excersie I think is very helpful to start understanding the basics o the VB component for Grashopper like how to set the correct input variables aswell as the output ones, also it helps a lot with a problem I had always had with the point surface divide component which by deafult outputs a list of points in a zigzag fashion which is very dificult to use instead with teh help of a script written in VB you can sort your points in a 2×2 array which allows you to have much more control over your points.

I have added the tutorial link , and uploaded my version of the Grasshopper definition I hope you find it useful as I did.

Rhino_Grasshopper_VBscript practice

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Pdf Tutorial :Here
File Name:VBscript_excersise.ghx