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Waffle Structures: Rhino Grasshopper

Yes ! the classic waffle structures , I think this kind of definitions are very useful specially to those starting in their way of parametric design and of course Grasshopper, they have a wide range of applications that can go from architectural projects  to conceptual furniture like this quick example I made.

The definition is made so you can set up the number of sections in the X and Y axis separately , also you can set up the height of each sections as well as the thickness of the material you are going to work with. Finally the definitions orients al the parts to the  X-Y axis  with an ID tag  so you can easily organize them and get them ready for the CNC mill or the laser cutter.

This definition will help understand most of the basic components  that Grasshopper currently has implemented,It was made with Grasshopper Version 6.0019 we have to remember it  still is a WIP so they maybe some problems using it in other versions. I strongly recommend you to download both files the grasshopper definition and the rhino file so you can get familiarized with the inputs you need to start working.

I think that is  all , I hope you find it useful an please if you do some work with it, send it to me  so I can post it here, have fun!!!


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Rhino file: Ribs(WaffleSystem).3dm
Grasshopper DefinitionFile: Ribs(WaffleSystem).ghx

  • lee tae hoon

    i wish download

  • Rodrigo

    Hi Lee you can download the file by filling the form above it will give you access to the download area =D , hope you find it useful and please let me know what you come up with to share it here .

  • lee tae hoon

    thank you for your kindness.

    i think “Ribs(WaffleSystem).3dm” file is error.

    please, you confirm the file.


    what ?? y pieces, x pieces

  • Rodrigo

    Hi thanks for pointing out an error could you be a more specific are you having troubles downlading the file or there is a problem opening it.
    The X and Y pieces refer to the collection of pieces in each direction of the surface.

    Could you send me a screenshot of your problem at rodrigo@designplaygrounds.com

  • lee tae hoon

    you can send to me “Parametric Structure Excersise” file??

  • Rodrigo

    Hi lee I have checked the file and I couldn´t find an error I have responded you about the parametric structure file on the other post.

  • Francisco

    Hola,Soy nuevo en el uso de GH

    He descargado los archivos fuente, pero no he podido hacerlos funcionar, abro el archivo de rhino luego el de GH y pareciera queno se relacionan , estoy usando Rhino4r8 y la versión mas reciente de gh

    Gracias por tu ayuda, y felicitaciones, el trabajo es muy impresionante.

  • Rodrigo

    Hola Francisco el problema podría estar en la verison esta definicion fue hecha con una version ya muy vieja no he tenido tiempo de volverla a revisar ahora que tenga un poco mas de tiempo quizas la pueda reescribir ahora existen formas mas sencillas para hacer esto, te recomiendo que intentes reescribirla siguiendo los mismos componenetes para que vayas conociendo que hace cada cosa.

  • marjorie

    Hola Rodrigo,
    excelente trabajo!
    Gracias por postear estas definicones, luego envio unas imagenes de mi proyecto.

  • Rodrigo

    Gracias , que bueno que te sirvan espero tus imagenes

  • saif

    Great definition. I was wondering how you make the x and y pieces show up for laser cutting. Is there a connection that has to be made?

  • martin

    HI helo thank you for this definition it works really well done !! but i discovered one issue ….when im generating ribs the definition generates duplicated lines in the same place usually 3 lines its a problem for fabrication i have checked that in few different optionsans in autocad and its the same issue i dont know really how you can generate just one single poliline (kind of wire frame from the surface)i m using new grasshoper 8.000 something …please let me know if you know something about this issue anyway im very impressed about that thans for sharing

  • Rodrigo

    Hello Martin thanks this is an an old definition so you can expect lots of bugs perhaps ypu could use de list item compoent to grab just one item of the collection that could be a quick fix.

  • martin

    no problem i was stupid im just beginner in grasshoper my mistake this definition is brilliant and i just picked up the curves using 2d comand and its working well thanks so much for shering that but if you have some brief how this thing work that would be useful for me thanks again !!!!

  • mandy

    Hi Rodrigo, thanks for sharing this is great!

    However, the X and Y pieces didn’t show up on my file ( meaning the flat ones use for lasercutting later)… how can I get them to show up? Also, is it possible to rotate orientation of the ribs? E.g. diamonds instead of squares?


  • Rodrigo

    Hello Manfy I think you are forgetting to reference the base surface to orient the ribs to an x y plane , and yes it is possible to build diagrid ribs however it has to be done with a different system.

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  • gabriel

    i already subrcribed to the mailing list, where can i download the files?

  • Nver Mouradian

    where is the link to download? i already subscribed….

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