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MJ v1.0 by Machina

MJ v01 The first jacket that allows the user to create music through motion and touch sensors with a mobile app.

SubDivision by Volkan Alkanoglu

The installation synthesizes a spatial link of levels through both visual and physical connections.

7Xstool by tom pawlofsky & tibor weissmah

7xStool project is a live performance were a stool is cut right from a tree trunk by a Kuka robot with a chainsaw attached to its arm.

Always/Never United Visual Artists

Always/Never is a grid of pyramidal elements inspired by the sundial, each passing through time at a different rate.

Digital Experiment by PROJECTiONE

Digital Experiment is a series of physical prototypes that utilize the capabilities of computational design tools, CNC machining technology.

HygroScope by Achim Menges

HygroScope explores a novel mode of responsive architecture based on the combination of material inherent behaviour and computational morphogenesis.

MULTITHREAD by Kram/Weisshaar

The design of each piece of Multithread begins with a set of horizontal surfaces and a web of thin connecting bars is defined to support these surfaces . . .

Shell Star Pavillion

Shell Star, an installation for Detour: Design Renegade, an art and design festival in Hong Kong.