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Matter by Quayola

Matter is a time-based digital sculpture; a celebration of matter itself, the substance of all physical things.

Pop Up Dome

Pop-up Dome it’s a lightweight structure made out of corrugated cardboard sheets, connected with fiberglass reinforced tape.

MJ v1.0 by Machina

MJ v01 The first jacket that allows the user to create music through motion and touch sensors with a mobile app.

SubDivision by Volkan Alkanoglu

The installation synthesizes a spatial link of levels through both visual and physical connections.

7Xstool by tom pawlofsky & tibor weissmah

7xStool project is a live performance were a stool is cut right from a tree trunk by a Kuka robot with a chainsaw attached to its arm.

Always/Never United Visual Artists

Always/Never is a grid of pyramidal elements inspired by the sundial, each passing through time at a different rate.

Digital Experiment by PROJECTiONE

Digital Experiment is a series of physical prototypes that utilize the capabilities of computational design tools, CNC machining technology.

HygroScope by Achim Menges

HygroScope explores a novel mode of responsive architecture based on the combination of material inherent behaviour and computational morphogenesis.