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View Optimization Using Galapagos For Grasshopper

This course focuses on using the evolutionary solver Galapagos to optimize building shapes according to their views. It continues from the Galapagos 101 course, to a more hands-on case study. By mastering Galapagos and getting an understanding of the power of an evolutionary solver, one can make smarter and better-informed decisions early on in the design process.

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Grasshopper 102 – Data Lists and Tree Structures

Understanding the way data is organised will allow you to use Grasshopper to its full potential and use Tree structures to your advantage. This course focuses specifically on the way data is organised in Grasshopper. We’ll be looking at data lists and nested lists, which Grasshopper organizes in so called Data Trees. The course is explained trough small examples to give you an idea how mastering data management can be very useful to you.

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Create Custom View Filters using Dynamo for Revit

In this course Konrad Sobon is going to explain how to create custom view filters in Dynamo. He will demonstrate a common workflow he has developed specifically for this series using custom packages for Dynamo.

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Deconstructing the Serpentine Pavilion (2016) from BIG

In this course we’ll take a look at the Serpentine Pavilion from BIG and we’ll use a variety of software to deconstruct this project. We’ll start by using Rhino and Grasshopper to find the right shape and size of the pavilion and we’ll continue by rationalizing the geometrical elements into a standardized set. We’ll finish by exporting the information we got from Grasshopper to Excel using FLUX.


Image Post-production with Photoshop

This course is a follow on from our previous VRay For Rhino 101 in which we cover post-production aspects inside Photoshop with a set of steps to achieve compelling presentation renders in almost not time.

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Galapagos 101 – Fundamentals Course

You can find the course here In this 101 series about Evolutionary Computing or Evolutionary Solving, we are going to go over the basics of Evolutionary Solving and how and why it can be useful for you in everyday practice. We’re going to use an Evolutionary Solver called Galapagos, developed by David Rutten and named […]

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ThinkParametric 2.0 is out!

Today, we’re very excited to launch ThinkParametric 2.0! Besides improving functionality, performance and overall usability, we made a whole revamp of our educational platform building a framework for all our future developments.

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How to change the Active Document in Python for Grasshopper

This blog post covers two basic examples where changing the active document comes in handy. The first one is changing the color of a Rhino layer directly whitin the Python for Grasshopper component and the second one is changing the color of a Rhino object. This is useful if you for example want to change the color of lots of Rhino objects without having to do this manually, change sets of objects to specific layers or change the color of a set of layers to whatever set of colors you prefer.

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