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Parametric Tower Experiment [Grasshopper]

A design exercise made to understand the parametric principles that may apply in the design of a tower structure, in this case I took the Canton Tower . . .

Makoto Yabuki art director

Makoto Yabuki works as a director/ art director at Tokyo, Japan.He started his career as a visual designer in 1997,and established TANGRAM

The work of Jen Stark

en Stark is a young emergent artist who was born in Miami, FL in 1983. Her work has been exhibited extensively in many places around the US

Honeycomb Morphologies [Rhino Grasshopper]

Honeycomb Morphologies have become a very popular subject in architectural design because of their structural and aesthetic properties , so I decided to join the party . . .

Recursive Aggregations [Rhinoscript]

I has been a while scince I didn´t experiment with rhinoscript so this weekend seem to be the pefect time, this time keeping up with recusrive algorithms

Calibration Channel by I.M.A.D.E

Today we can se Academic parametric design projects in many places however the great mayority of them stay as conceptual renders or 3D printed models.

Design Research at its best

Here are some of the different design research initiatives I have been following for almost two years now , some of them operate . . .

Night Lights by YYN

Yes Yes No is a collective that works on interactive projects,they make magical installations that combine creativity, artistic vision