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New Rhino GH3D Kids on the block!!

Contiuning with my follow up of the newest plugins for parametric and Generative design in rhino, I present you some iniciatives I have tracked down.

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Hylosoic Soil the work of Philip Beesley

Philip Beesley is architect working in Toronto and Southern Ontario. His work includes public buildings, development planning, commercial facilities and offices, and residences, but his work

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The Work of Matthew Ritche

Matthew Ritchie’s installations of painting, wall drawings, light boxes, sculpture, and projections are investigations of the idea of information; explored through science, architecture, history and the dynamics of culture, defined equally

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PROJECTiONE is a newdesign practice created by Elizabeth Boone, Adam Buente, Eric Brockmeyer and Kyle Perry, students from Ball State University . . .

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Mos Cells Interface [Processing]

MOS Cells is a project collaboration between MOS architects and George Michael Brower, another nice example of the several projects . . .

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CRYSTALS & LASERS by Matt W. Moore

These paintings were created entirely with spray paint, one of Matt’s favorite mediums. But the designs are very clean, and appear almost digital.

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Advanced Modelling Workshop [MEXICO]

Este taller va dirigido principalmete a arquitectos, diseñadores indutriales, diseñadores industriales y profesionistas o estudiantes afines al diseño.

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Pneumatic Panels “Revised” [rhinoscript]

Some new updates on the Pneumatic Panels Project , Toni Österlund an architecture student at University of Oulu (Finland) ,made a revision to my code . . .