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CLOUD Sculpture by Troika

The project is called The Cloud and is a 5m long digital sculpture that has a surface covered with 4638 flip dots which can flip from one side to another

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Responsive Skin / Arduino + Grasshopper Firefly

Experiment I made sending data from a photoresistor to Grasshopper to create a Responsive Structure that reacts to the degree of light of a physical space in real time.


Art615 project [GH3D]

Art615 is a new installation/pavillion made by students of Aalborg University, DK during their 4 week workshop program

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Processing for Architecture

Processing started as a platform for introducing artists and designers to programming languages for the development of generative graphics , interactive applications

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Workshop Advanced Modelling Experience

Last Month we had the Advanced Modelling Workshop at Queretaro city ,we started an initiative called Chido Studio with the purpose of organizing a series of Workshops

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Sonic Wire Sculpture [interactive app]

Sonic Wire Sculptor is based on a musical instrument by Amit Pitaru which has been shown in museums and galleries world wide.

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AW1 – ARTificial Workshop No1

El AW1 es un Taller de diseño Asociativo y Fabricacion Digital de una semana de duración, es impartido por ARTificial y está abierto a todos los diseñadores del continente Latino-Americano

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Kangaroo – Live physics for #GH3D

inally the first verison of a project I have been following for a while has been released , Kangaroo Physics is a live physics engine

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