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OR2 by Orproject

Or2 is an innovative photo-reactive skin for external environments. It is a shading device which interacts with the changing position of the sun.

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Natures by Quayola

Natures explores the dialogue between “the natural” and “the artificial”, creating a world where these two elements coexist harmoniously.

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Responsive Morphologies [GH3D]

Continuing with the experimentation and research of the honeycomb morphologies and as a example for a Workshop I gave recently I . . .



LaN-FLIGHT is a traveling seminar / tour of digital fabrication practices and programs. This immersion experience is intended to draw a diverse group of professionals.

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Tape Installations by Numen

For Use/Numen’s team have been doing some interesting installations using nothing but transparent packing tape to create some huge, self-supporting topologies

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Mensa by Elio Garis- Co-de-iT- Bruno De Masi

Mensa is an altar made for the restoration of the Antica Chiesa Plebana, a XV century church located in S. Maurizio Canavese (To).

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Assemblage in public

Chelsea College of Art and Design has recently commissioned Ola Wasilkowska and Michal Piasecki to design a temporary spatial intervention for their Parade event.

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Radiance by Projectione

Radiance covers a standalone brick fireplace in a mid century ranch home in Broad Ripple, is an ambient interactive lighting piece commissioned as an artwork

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