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Create an Organic Roof Structure using Parametric Design

In this course, we’re going to model the roof structure of the Centre Pompidou in Metz from Shigeru Ban architects. We choose this project as a reference because this project manages to combine very simple geometric shapes with a complex organic roof in an elegant way. The course has a nice mix of explicit modeling and parametric modeling to get the desired result of the roof structure.


Designing an installation using computational design tools

In the whole design process of this installation, we relied heavily on the use of computational design tools. This approach allowed us to be able to deliver high-quality information within the limited time window in a fast, accurate and efficient manner. In this blog post we’ll explain how and why these tools were used and in what stages of the design process.

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Creating Models for Development Analysis with Grasshopper

Architectural design should always start with a proper assessment of the site´s development potential.Parametric modeling can assist early on these tasks to by developing systems that allow a designer to sketch models based on site restrictions quickly.


Learn how to design an organic facade using T-splines

In this upcoming course we’re going to show you how to use a variety of advance 3D modeling tools, like T-splines, Rhino 3D and Grasshopper to design an organic shaped building envelope to a schematic design level.


Principles of Module Rationalization with Grasshopper

Continuing with our objective of teaching with a strong focus on how to use advanced computational design tools in practice we bring you our new course of Modularization & Rationalization with Grasshopper given by Jamie Sol.

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How computational design tools were used in the Abdul-Aziz Center for World Culture

Mohamed Naeim shares with us how he used computational design tools during the construction of the Abdul-Aziz Center for World Culture (ITHRA) by Snøhetta architects.

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Roof Perforation Optimization using Grasshopper and DIVA

Azhar Khan shares with us the Roof Perforation Optimization using Grasshopper and DIVA he did for the winning entry for the TGV Station in Montpellier, France by Marc Mimram Architects.

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Revit Architecture 101 with Håvard Vasshaug

At ThinkParametric we want to provide the best education taught by industry professionals who besides teaching the technical aspects of a software also share their insights of years of experience contributing to the built environment. Revit has been a highly anticipated course and we understand the importance of it in the current ecosystem of architectural […]