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Capacitor by Jhon Grade

Capacitator is the latest installation of Washintog artist Jhon Grade , which is an interactive and kinetic installation comissioned by John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Cabinet of Post-digital Curiosities by Jorge Ayala

Jorge Ayala will be presenting his installation Cabinet of Post- digital Curiosities at the 9th Archilab, Naturaliser l’Architecture Exhibition at the FRAC Centre, Orléans France.

Pudelma Pavillion

Pudelma is a pavilion inspired by the traditions of Finnish wood-working and created as part of the European Capital of Culture Program.

Robot Nails by Charles Aweida

Robot Nails by Charles Aweida is an exploration in new media art centered around the concept of creating tangible artifacts from intangible forces. In this case a data visualization generated by the motions of wind.

Microbial Ecologies

Microbial Ecologies (ME) is an ongoing research by Fran Castillo, Peter Malaga, Yogesh Karekar and Priyanka Narula developed at the IAAC proposing a speculative scenario in which is able to explore new robotic fabrication processes as a framework for investigating the generation of (bio)artificial systems.

Light House by SOFTlab

Light House is the latest installation created by New York based studio SOFTlab , commissioned by Sonos to create an interactive light and sound installation that responds in real-time to Sonos components.

Serpentine Pavilion Intervention by United Visual Artists

Latest intervention form United Visual Artists involved the the transformation of this years Serpentine Pavilion designed by Sou Fujimoto by according the artists words, bringing the cloud-like structure to life with an electrical storm.

Suspended Depositions

Suspended Depositions is a novel digital fabrication approach that harnesses the opportunity of using a robot vector tooling paths and a special resin to create a new type of rapid prototyping .