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Revit Architecture 101 with Håvard Vasshaug

At ThinkParametric we want to provide the best education taught by industry professionals who besides teaching the technical aspects of a software also share their insights of years of experience contributing to the built environment. Revit has been a highly anticipated course and we understand the importance of it in the current ecosystem of architectural […]


3D Modeling with Rhino – Villa Savoye

In this 3D Modeling with Rhino course, we’re going to recreate the famous villa Savoye from Le Corbusier.


Diseño Bioclimático y Eficiencia Energética Grasshopper Ladybug+Honeybee

El seminario será impartido por Chris Mackey,Arquitecto del MIT programador de Grasshopper Ladybug+Honeybee.

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How and when to Automate using Rhino and Grasshopper

Some helpful tips and pitfalls you want to avoid when taking the plunge into parametric modeling using Rhino and Grasshopper.


Open Class Season is here! Free Grasshopper Courses

Over the last months we’ve been seeing an increasing interest on our platform, this makes us very happy and to celebrate it, we are launching our first Open Class Season.

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The New DesignPlaygrounds

Starting today, DesignPlaygrounds becomes the official company blog for ThinkParametric.Here are some of the reasons of why we are doing this and what´s coming up next.

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ThinkParametric goes 500Strong

ThinkParametric is now part of 500Startups one of the most prestigious Inversion and Accelerator programs in Silicon Valley, which means we are being backed and advised by the best network of mentors in technology companies that is out there.

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Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall (ICD/ITKE)

The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall is an architectural prototype building and a showcase for the current developments in computational design and robotic fabrication for lightweight timber construction.

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