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FabPod – RMIT Design Hub

The geometry of the FabPod derives from research conducted on the sound scattering properties of hyperboloids inspired by Gaudí’s use of hyperboloids.

Milkywave Installation by Aidia Studio

Milkywave reflects on the practice of city-making through the objects that populate the collective memory; an attempt to rethink howmundane things with a material substance, shape, texture and color coalesce to form the atmosphere and character of the city.

Sonos Playground Deconstructed

The installation aims to bring minimalist art to life as an immersive music video environment. Inspired by the wall drawings of Sol LeWitt and the room-flooding sound of the Sonos Playbar,

Filament Mind- Visualization Installation

Filament Mind is a human information-driven installation designed to visualize the collective curiosities and questions of Teton County Library visitors through a dynamic and interactive spatial sculpture.

Laser Cut Record by Amanda Ghassaei

As a follow up to her 3D printed records, Amanda Ghassaei developed a more accessible way of fabricating records with a laser cutter.

BIOSTAGOG Interactive Sculpture

BIOSTAGOG can display creative content made by artists working at Platige Image and by using Kinect technology it may equally involve both the company staff and the visitors.

Mataerial IAAC & Joris Laarman Studio

Mataerial is an additive manufacturing technology that creates biomimetic architectural structures and furniture by printing 3d fibers in mid air.

Erosion Series by Tamsin Van Essen

Erosion is a series of angular porcelain forms, sandblasted to wear the surface and reveal inner strata.