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Open Class Season is here! Free Grasshopper Courses

Over the last months we’ve been seeing an increasing interest on our platform, this makes us very happy and to celebrate it, we are launching our first Open Class Season.

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The New DesignPlaygrounds

Starting today, DesignPlaygrounds becomes the official company blog for ThinkParametric.Here are some of the reasons of why we are doing this and what´s coming up next.

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ThinkParametric goes 500Strong

ThinkParametric is now part of 500Startups one of the most prestigious Inversion and Accelerator programs in Silicon Valley, which means we are being backed and advised by the best network of mentors in technology companies that is out there.

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Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall (ICD/ITKE)

The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall is an architectural prototype building and a showcase for the current developments in computational design and robotic fabrication for lightweight timber construction.

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Hakanaï by Adrien M /Clarie B Interactive Installation

Hakanaï is a solo choreographic performance that unfolds through a series of images in motion. In Japanese Hakanaï denotes that which is temporary and fragile, evanescent and transient, and in this case something set between dreams and reality.

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This installation, entitled MATERIAL EQUILIBRIA, exhibits research by Sean Ahlquist on the delicate and simultaneous relationship of articulated material behavior and differentiated structural form.

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AA Visiting School Dubai

AA Visiting School Dubai is part of an ever-growing attempt by the AA to expand the network of the school by initiating nodes of collaboration dealing the immediate social, cultural and ecological context of their accommodating cities.

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HY-Fi MoMA PS1 2014

Hy-FI is the winning proposal for this year MoMA´s PS1 competition, a tower-like topology volume composed by compostable bricks that use corn stalks and mushroom roots in their process of elaboration.

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