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Cerebral Hut by Güvenc Özel

We traditionally assume that the built environment, whether in the architectural or the urban scale influences our psyche. What if we can reverse that relationship?

CastThicket by yo_cy

Cast Thicket seeks to refine the typically heavy system of construction . The project proposes three refinements to the site-cast concrete frame , replacing the steel frame and rebar with a prefabricated internal steel frame; replacing the the solid shears walls with a network of struts .

Pratt institute’s graduate architecture & urban design exhibition 2013

Michael Szivos along with Carrie McKnelly worked with a group of students to produce Pratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture & Urban Design exhibition of student work in the Hazel and Robert H. Siegel Gallery.

CL:OC – Kinetic Installation

The installation CL:0C is a perpetual motion machine. It is in constant motion and mostly under its own power. In its whirring mutation, it is constantly stimulated by random pulses from its control unit.

SKIN Digital Fabrication Competition

The building envelope and the transition between what is outside and what is inside presents the most complex and fundamentally linguistic element of architecture today.

Inkscapes by Adria Navarro

Inkscapes is an interactive drawing performance designed for the 120 by 11 feet video wall at the InterActive Corps (IAC) building in New York, created in collaboration with DI Shin.

Helix by Matter

Helix is a half-scale spiral stair created by Matter design studio and will be exhibiting at this year´s Design Biennal Boston .

Entropya by AmniosyA

Entropya it’s a 3d printed fashion collection, printed by I.materialise with Polyamide material.