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Helix by Matter

Helix is a half-scale spiral stair created by Matter design studio and will be exhibiting at this year´s Design Biennal Boston .

Entropya by AmniosyA

Entropya it’s a 3d printed fashion collection, printed by I.materialise with Polyamide material.

Scenarios Installation by Onionlab

Scenarios is an audiovisual installation created by Onionlab for Yota Devices.

Twins Installation

Two identical wings are captured at the moment of splitting apart. Floating out of the darkness, the suspended skins form a route into an artificial cave, where two projectors cast shadows that draw you closer inside

Light Form/ ECAL by Mathieu Rivier

Light Form is a sculpture that explores different forms of representations and interactions using a solid but uneven display.


This project explores the border territory between physical and virtual, connecting computer code’s abstractions with the intimate, visceral dimension of body alteration’s sense brought by the mask theme.

MEMORY CLOUD Installation

Memory Cloud connects the past with the absolute present , using multimedia technology to collapse time and space , celebrating the daily renewal of tradition in the lives od Texas A&M students.

Explicit Bricks, Barcelona, 2010

The goal of the four days workshop during the Smart Geometry conference was to design a constructive system composed out of uniquely formed Styrofoam blocks.