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SZU Pavilion

The SZU pavilion is the result of a semester long module collaborated between HKPDA and Shenzhen University. Bending gracefully in the atrium space of SZU.

DUO 3D motion sensor

The DUO Kit is a low cost 3D motion sensor that anyone can build.

Eye,Robot Seminar at SCI-Arc

“Eye, Robot” focuses on the intersection of computation, robotic fabrication, and cinematography.

Vertebrae Staircase by Andrew Lee Mcconnell

Inspired by the spine of a whale, the Vertebrae Staircase is not simply mimicry of organic form but an exploration in shaping structure.


Pera is a tensile structure is manufactured as a network of triangulated stainless steel pieces connected by loose rings.

Trabeculae Series by Shiro Studio

Trabeculae Series is an exploration towards creating new structural languages ,inspired by porous bone tissue.

Crystalized by SOFTlab

Crystalized is a unique 3D representation of your Facebook relationships that can be 3d printed .

Matter by Quayola

Matter is a time-based digital sculpture; a celebration of matter itself, the substance of all physical things.