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Arkylab collab


Recently I was invited by Arkylab a mexican architecture studio to consult them with some computational geometries for a projet named CLARUM which is an Eco Industrial Park wich is one of the first of  its class in Mexico, the Industrial Park contemplates several sustainable systems like its own water treatment system ,  huge spaces for photovoltaic panels , eco friendly public vehicle transport  system  and the implementation of  a free  bicycle system.

This is a  government project  divided in several stages and even do the master plan of the whole  project its already done  currently we are focusing in the first stage  for presenting it at a conceptual level.


I was asked to design some elements around the park with several purposes  and they wanted  them to have an organic looking to represent the ecological aspect of the park , I propose the use some sensors to measure environmental data of the park and represent it on this structures with some lighting systems using pachhube and arduino technologies, to organically communicate the environmental state of the park.

The images above is the structure I made for the first stage  which is  arc for the entrance of the park , I used some recursive L-System algorithms to generate the branch – like structure curves  and  used this ones to model the topology with the help of T-Splines for Rhino.

We are preparing a conceptual video for the presentation that I will upload once the presentation is made.

  • Hi, I’m verry interested in all your work, I’m starting in the parametric field of architecture and design actually… And I would like to know exactly how you made these kind of structure, did you use only a rhinoscript, grasshopper maybe, or Vb script?


  • Rodrigo

    Hi Marco, to make this model i used several tools, first i made rhinoscript to cerate L-Systems in 2d then ,This generated a branch system of curves, then I used the curves as a guide to generate the topology with a plugin for rhino called T-Splines which is great for organic modeling and the window frame has done using a voronoi pattern with a grasshopper definition.

  • All right, thanks for sharing the info.
    I’m impatient to see the final result…

  • tuananh

    thank you very much for sharing with us! best regard!

  • Rodrigo

    Thanks hope you find content usefull !!