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CHROMAtex.me by SOFTlab

(all images from Softlab)
CHROMAtex.me is the new installation from SOFTlab installed at the bridgegallery in manhattan’s lower east side, a temporary installation which topology consists of 5,000 colourful laser cut panels which are held together by clips.

This project was fully founded by the on-line community by creating an interesting project at the kickstarter website were they offered a small ownership of the installation by engraving your name or a message in exchange of a small donation so when the installation is eventually disassembled, they will be shipped to their respective donor’s home. You can check out a map of some of the contributors to this project here.

The digital part of this project was mainly done in grasshopper if your interested in taking a look at the definition you can download it here.

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Jose Gonzalez, Carrie McKnelly, Elliot White, Tyler O’Rielley, Troy Zezula, Sean Madigan, Corey Kingston

Installation: Julia Schleppe, Andrew Manart, Simon Kristak, David Gonzalez, Andrew Chen, Anthony Buccellato, Laura Vincent, Michael House, Brandt Graves, Austin Smith, Andrew Sutton, Alan Tansey, Mac Glovinsky, Robin Jones

Photos: Andrew Manart

CHROMAtex.me Install from SOFTlab on Vimeo.