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Honeycomb Morphologies [Rhino Grasshopper]

Honeycomb Morphologies have become a very popular subject in architectural design because of their structural and aesthetic properties ,  so I decided to join the party an play with this particular kind generative projects ,this experiment develops a honeycomb system that is able to adapt to a local existing context and to different performance requirements.

The experiment represents a tool to create modular structure systems that can be adaptable to different scales and context spaces, The objective of this project was to develop a generative design strategy for architectural design that could be developed under digital fabrication methods. I have to mentions these are the first steps of  this research project  , the constructive unions of the modules , tagging the pieces and extract the information for its digital fabrication.

How it Works
The Grasshopper definition extracts the honeycomb structures from two surfaces, this allows the system to adapt better to a pre established place (interior spaces for example) , once you have selected both surfaces they get subdivided and then a VBscript component extract the honeycomb patterns from the surface , which are then used to create lofted surfaces.

As I mentioned befor these are the first steps, I´m woking in a similar version that generates apprtures depending on a distance to a point , if you want to keep updated with this and other projects you can subscribe to my RSS Feed

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Rhino File: Honeycomb Surfaces.3dm
Grasshopper Definition: Honeycomb2surfaces.ghx


  • Hi Rodrigo
    Which version of grasshopper are you using? I can’t get this to load, it errors with this message ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’

  • Rodrigo

    Hi Graham I´m using the Grasshopper 0.6.0055 you can download it from here http://bit.ly/67Q71W let me know if you have any problems.

  • Thanks Rodrigo, works now, I was running 0.6.0019

  • dana

    HI Rodrigo, so I downloaded the files and tried to render but i couldn’t. Do you have to follow certain steps to actually make it work?

    haha i’m confuseddd :((

  • Rodrigo

    Hi Dana , What kind of problem are you having with the files?
    Perhaps it may be the surfaces you are using they have to be made in the same order , if not you are going to get the geametries twitsted.
    I recomend you to downlad the rhino file and try the definition there and then use it with your own surfaces.

  • els

    When I open the downloaded file in Grasshopper, the geometry is automatically twisted.
    How can I fix it?

  • Rodrigo

    Hi I think the problem most people is having with this definitioins has to do with the direction sufaces are created , the have to be created in the same direction so the lofted surfaces don´t get twisted. I remcomed you to try the example rhino file I include so yo can se how it works correctly , let me know if you still having problems.

  • China Blue

    Thanks for the script. It is interesting to experiment with. But I cannot figure out how to separate the surface from the curves once it is in Rhino. I want to loft them. Can you explain this?

  • sadsylph

    your honeycomb structure is great.
    Bur I also have a same issue, it it twisted, even if i use your rhino file.
    How can I change the direction? or do you have any suggestion for me?

    Thank you.

  • sadsylph

    I got it, very easy way!
    When you have a problem with twisted honeycomb panel,
    Just rotate the surface. haha

    Thank you 🙂

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  • Rodrigo

    Hey thanks a lot for letting me now about the spam link I´ll remove it right away

  • Roxane Giroux

    Hello,nnI’d love to have the script of this honeycomb 3D. It’s appear impossible even after subscribe to mailing list. Someone can help?

  • carlos botella mendiela

    me too