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Parametric Structure Excersise


Santiago Calatrava a great inspiration!!

One of my favorite architects an also one of my inspirations to get into the world of architecture is Santiago Calatrava I find his work very propositve. I like the way he design buildings that look somehow organic but at the same time you can see the engineering applied to his structures . I started a research on some of his works trying to find the relationships between the different components that interveined in his structures , here are some images of this quick excercise.


The objective of the research was to develop a parametric system wich creates structures similar to the ones you can fin in Calatravas work , after looking to some of his works I generated a parametric system using Rhino Grasshopper which in fact works in a simple wall all the structure is generated from a set of splines previously designed , then systems workout all the structure, Its very amazing the variability you can achieve using this tools. All models above were generated in just a couple of hours which is great which allows the designer inves more time in the conceptualization of an idea rather to spend it in modeling and other aspects of the production.

  • lee tae hoon

    i hope you send to this project file (-.3dm -.ghx) to my e-mail if you have.

    my e-mail xognsse@naver.com

  • Rodrigo

    Hi lee unfortunately I no longer have those files however there has been some people asking for them I will remake the definition with some upgrades and post it ,I have already saved your address to let you know as soon as it is ready.

  • claudia

    hola…te escribo en español ya que veo que eres mexicano y yo soy chilena… me gusta mucho tu trabajo y la parametrización de esta estructura de calatrava es parecida pero no igual a una estructura que estamos realizando para un concurso aunque aun no la parametrizamos en grasshopper …saludos¡

  • Rodrigo

    Hola Claudia muchas gracias, me gustaria mucho ver tu proyecto seria interesante tratar de descomponerlo en variables para poder parametrizarlo.


  • claudia

    hola rodrigo, por ahora estamos realizando el 3d en rhino del bicho, cuando tengamos mas avanzado te lo mando para que lo mires.


    ahi te mando otro trabajo que realizamos el taller pasado con un profesor.

  • Rodrigo

    Me parece perfecto , revise el docuemnto que me enviaste , sumamante interesante, se me antoja como para hacer un tutorial del processo.