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Parametric Tower Experiment [Grasshopper]

A design exercise made to understand the parametric principles that may apply in the design of a tower structure, in this case I took as a reference for this particular exercise the Canton Tower designed by IBA Architects , which characterizes for using curved and inclined structures instead of the conventional straight structures used conventionally for skyscrapers.

The result of the exercise is a tool that allows the designer to quickly generate tower structures that obey a parametric logic between its  components , among the things the user can change are:

This were the elements or properties I thought would define the basic shape of this particular project however , more functions and parameters can be added to make more precise models. Would be interesting for further experiments to  start testing the structures resulting from this kind of  tools using some finite element analysis  I´ll make some tests using Algor and see how it goes.

I have made a Video Tutorial of this exercise I hope to have time this week to Upload it, meanwhile you can download the definition and play with it.

GH Concepts Covered:

*Extracting Profile Curves / Move Component
*Rotation of objects / Function components  to transform angles in radians
*Creating body surfaces and intersection planes.
*Extract Slabs from BRep intersections.
*Extract lines from profile curves and creating pipes
*Create a single dimension list from different curves using Tree Logic Components
*Transforming single dimension list into a matrix and extract a pattern using VbScript.

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Grasshopper Definition:ParametricTowerExperiment.ghx


  • Matias

    WHen does the video tutorial come out??
    Thank you