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Parametric Truss System

Parametric truss exercise I´m working on as a part of my research of generating algorithms that create structures from freeform surfaces and creating all the necessary information for its digital fabrication.
digital fabrication

To achieve this a Rhino Grasshopper definition was made , that allowed me to create triangular modules from a freeform surface , this definition has several variables that allow the user to control the number of elements in each direction as well as the thickness of the truss elements. This let us visualize several truss options for the same surface, for example the more subdivisions we add to our surface the truss will be more similar to the original surface input.

The last part of the definition generates a development of the pieces that compose the truss system , each piece has an id tag to identify it for its fabrication ,I was thinking that by adding some equation functions we could make quotes of our projects it would only be necessary to make a research on the pricing of the manufacturer , I think I will think of solving this once the opportunity comes.

digital fabrication pieces

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Rhino 3d File:PANELIZACION_Model.3dm
Ghx Definition File:PANELIZACION.ghx

  • Charles

    HI, great work!, is it possible to see the definition?

  • Rodrigo

    Hi !! Charles thanks for your comment of course you can i´ll send it to your mail.

  • Very interesting I like the work!

  • Antonio Vasconcelos

    Ola Rodrigo

    Sou do Brasil e estou procurando conhecer mais sobre esta forma nova de design…Seu trabalho e iniciativa são muito interessantes..Agradeceria toda ajuda possivel..

    Obrigado e parabens

  • Rodrigo

    Agradecimentos para suas palavras amáveis eu estarei afixando mais índice e os cursos se eu posso ajudar em algo específico me deixo sabem

  • Hei Fung

    Hi, just saw your work, it’s fantastic, can i see how the ghx file works?

    i have seen similar tutorials, but can’t get far enough to get to fabrication process~


  • Rodrigo

    Hi the definition now is ready to download you just need to suscribe to download the files.

  • minek jun

    hi, im a grasshopper beginer and trying to make flexible surface with a triangle frame unit. but it’s not is easy with a box-morphing things.
    i think this is exactly what i want.
    plz let me know the definition of this..

  • Rodrigo

    Hi minek the file is already there for you to download it just sign up below and you wil be able to download the file.


  • Matt Harrison

    Hi, Great Work! Just wondering how did you extract all the individual pieces from the 3d model?