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Recursive Tessalations


A quick study of Marco Vanuci´s work  on recursive surface tessellations . I have been working with recursive algorithms before but only to generate aggregation systems and fractals ,I like this particular exercise because it executes a recursive function under an analysis . The script evaluates the curvature of a surface and depending on the degree of it; the code executes a subdivision  function, that means that whereas the surface is flat and homogeneous the subdivision grid is large ; where the surface curvature is steeper the subdivision grid gets partitioned in smaller parts.


Once I understand how the script worked I just made a little tweaks to the code generate some structural elements.

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File name:recursiveTesselation

  • marcus

    line 67 of script reports a non defined variable

  • Rodrigo

    Thanks Marcus let me take a look at it and tell you something

  • Rodrigo

    Thanks Marcus you were right there was a mistake on line 67 I forgot to change the name of the variable instead of “frame” it should say “line” I have corrected the file so you should not have problems.

  • Claire Wang

    its really cool