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Responsive Morphologies [GH3D]

Continuing with the experimentation and research of honeycomb morphologies and a as example for a Workshop I gave recently I developed a Grasshopper tool for creating a responsive skin system ,using my previous VB script component for creating honeycomb patterns.
This definition has some responsive properties,It changes the size of apertures of each individual hexagonal cell or panel depending on a simple context analysis ,to do this I used a piece of a definition of Zubin Mohamad Khabazi book for making an angle comparison between an environmental vector (in this case a single curve determined by an user) and the surface normal vector from the center of each hexagon , in this way when the difference between angles is small it would mean that panel will receive light in a more direct way so the tool will put a closed panel and when the difference between the angles is big ( the user can also control this parameter) the tool will place an open panel.

Besides this functionality I wanted to find a way for using Grasshopper data and integrate it with Tsplines to create a single an smooth skin so I configured the definition to create meshed structures besides the normal Nurbs surfaces , so I can convert this mesh structure into a T Spline,for being able to do this this I had to bake separately each part of the mesh structure , and join them on the Rhino environment, I also had to use the Mesh Repair Plugin to get a final Mesh without errors so I can then transform it to TSplines and smooth it.

Hope you find it useful I´ll keep working with this one , got some ideas for implementing it on a product design lets see where it goes.

The mesh obtained from the Grasshopper definition for convert it to TSplines

Screenshot from the Mesh already converted to TSplines for organic surfacing

Responsive Skin Rhino #GH3D from Rodrigo Medina on Vimeo.

Preparing the model .stl file for print it with ZCorp technology

Applying resin to the printed Model

3d printed test model
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File Name:ResponsiveHoneycombPanels.ghx


  • alex

    how do you smooth it ?

  • Rodrigo

    Hello Alex to smooth it I used T- Splines however If you would like to do this inside Grasshopper I think you can take a look ate the WeaverBird Plug In and try the cat mull clark subdivision http://www.giuliopiacentino.com/weaverbird/

  • Hello, is it possible to generate triangle like in this exemple :


    in steed of hexagone ?



  • Rodrigo

    Hello Tristan of course this could be done also with a triangle pattern in this case some editions to the vb compenent will have to be made to make this.

  • marjorie

    wao que buen trabajo vale, congrats!