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Revit Architecture 101 with Håvard Vasshaug


At ThinkParametric we want to provide the best education taught by industry professionals who besides teaching the technical aspects of a software also share their insights of years of experience contributing to the built environment.

Revit has been a highly anticipated course and we understand the importance of it in the current ecosystem of architectural design. Precisely because of this we wanted to bring someone special to teach it, someone who has a proven track record in teaching Revit and using it in the field. As of today we are excited to announce Håvard Vasshaug is joining us for our Revit Architecture 101 course.

Introducing Håvard Vasshaug
He is a Structural Engineer (M.Sc.), BIM Manager and Design Technologist at Dark Architects. He has vast experience providing Revit training, solutions, and seminars for architects and engineers over the past 8 years, and now uses this background to share knowledge of digital building design solutions. He regularly speaks about technical workflows, digital innovation and human development at various national and international conferences and seminars, and receive wide acclaim for his talks and classes. He writes about BIM and visual scripting solutions on vasshaug.net, and administers the Norwegian Revit forum. Håvard has a passion for making technology work in human minds and on computers, and he has three tools in doing that: Building project development, technology research, and knowledge sharing.


Revit Architecture 101 Course

This course will be a continuation of our Foundation Series, where the objective is to introduce you into the world of BIM Modeling through Revit, one of the most powerful software in the field. We´ll walk you through all the basics and by the end you´ll be proficient enough to start working on your own Architectural Projects using the power of BIM.

Here are some of Havard´s thoughts about this course and his approach:

“I have always found that knowledge sticks best when you’re having fun while doing something that feels valuable. I do all my Revit training sessions as exercises in building, and would love to use that method at Think Parametric. I find it more rewarding to create something together with my attendees, instead of, say, learning everything about Walls, then Doors, etc.

In the Revit Architecture 101 course held by me, you can expect to learn while building, and doing it with the help of awesome tools.”


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  • Emmanuel Medina

    Are you having problems accessing to the platform ?

  • MKE.M

    I am having problems. I can login to the thinkparametric website ok, but after that brick walls start to appear

  • Emmanuel Medina

    Can you send me a screenshot I don’t get what you mean with brick walls

  • Kana

    When course will be available?

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    What I mean is that I am always going back and firth between the two screens with no end to it: I start at this adress- https://thinkparametric.com/library and then I end up here-http://designplaygrounds.com/projects/revit-architecture-101-with-havard-vasshaug/ nnWhen I click on the top right hand button that says go to Think Parametric, I am sent back to the first web adress. It’s either the tutorials have been posted or haven’t been posted

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    Attached are the two screens I get. What do you think? Is this normal?

  • Ignacio Espau00f1a

    Don’t wanna sound pushy or anything, but I did sign up to thinkparametric with the promise that the Revit tutorials would be up in May. Is that still going to happen? Or do you guys have a date of sorts?

  • Kana

    Please, approximate date

  • Ignacio Espau00f1a

    I understand you guys are taking your time to do a good job, but the lack of responses is getting ridiculous. Don’t want to cancel, but are the tutorials coming before the end of the month or something? Seems unfair to get duped into paying a service you promised and then never mentioned again.

  • Kana

    Please answer our questions, just give us any date that will be close to publish that course, please.

  • Hello Ignacio, Sorry Iu00b4m just seeing this comment right now the best way to reach us out is through our mail hello@thinkparametric.nnnWe understand your concerns, we just donu00b4t want to release a date we are not going to meet later. Unfortunately, the schedule is not completely under our control as Havard is a professional with a tight schedule he gave us middle of June as his deadline.nnnThis course has taken longer than we taught to plan as is one of the first we do with our partners. I apologize for this, we are looking into ways of making this whole process much more efficient.

  • Arie Willem de Jongh

    Hi Kana!nLike Rodrigo mentioned below, it would probably be by mid/end of June. We’d love to give you an exact release date, the thing is that we don’t want to promise you a date and then not be able to comply with it as this happened more or less when we thought the course would be available for you by mid May. nWe regret that this course toke more time than planned, we’re working hard to optimize this process and also keep you more informed.nYou can always contact us at hello@thinkparametric.com for your concerns/doubts or questions. Your feedback is always much appreciated. nKind regardsnArie

  • Ignacio Espau00f1a

    Guess I’ll unsubscribe (and would advice those who are interested in Revit to do so as well), as I’ve heard this type of reasoning before, mainly in crowdsourced projects. I’ll gladly subscribe again when the course is uploaded, but I just can’t afford to lose any money just waiting for something that may or may not appear in the coming months.

  • Jerry Torrens Torrens

    Please email me when the course has a fixed date to begin. Thank you!

  • Looking forward to hearing from you some news about the starting date.nCiaoo

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    I want, but I need more information. How I can pay? How many modules?