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Rhinoscript Tesselations

This project is a computational design consulting for KRFR group of Barcelona for the XI ThyssenKrupp Elevator competition,The project was the design of an emblem tower for dubai ,the design team wanted to use arabic patterns as a skin for the tower, so they needed a design tool that helped them model , visualize and evaluate this complex skin on several surfaces. I created some rhinoscripts wich were used by the design team to evaluate and explore several design concepts.
Rhinoscript Tesselation donut

rhinoscript_tesselation donut2

  • Great project! Do you know how could I make something similar,using this same concept, but instead of the arabic modules, have a 2d voronoi tesellation around my surface??

  • Rodrigo

    Hi Federico in the latest version of rhino grasshopper there is a new component for doing Voronoi diagrams , these should help a lot to achieve what you want let me check it out and I´ll send you a mail.