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Surface Components

Rhinoscript_texture image

Many of my work of investigation and experimentation has to do with the generation of procedures that allow the rationalization of complex geometries by means of modulation processes. I indeed do not talk about the production of equal parts to each other, but more in the sense of deconstruct complex geometries into simple elements that allow their identification, representation and manufacture the use of generative algorithms allow us to do this tasks with great precision and instant feedback.


textured skins

Textured Skins

The programming of scripts allow us to design and to implement different components on complex surfaces that can be parametrically related to different variables this can be useful for the creation of geometries that react to their local environments , social contexts and why not to generate surfaces with a huge aesthetic load.

The objective ob this project was to populate a surface with a component to obtain a textured skin as result we got some really interesting results which can be manufactured science each component is a developable surface which can be manufactured with CNC and the be assembled and built on site.