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Waffle Structures with Grasshopper and Rhinoscript


On our next course, you are going to learn how to create a non-standard stereotomy (or what people normally call “waffle structures”) using Grasshopper and Rhinoscript.

Jürgen Mayer´s Metropol Parasol

This particular type of representation has its origins on industrial design as it is a very useful method to quickly prototype complex forms or surfaces. However lately it has proven to be also an effective digital fabrication method to represent large-scale architectural surfaces and volumes. In some cases becoming the actual architectural project itself being the Jurgen Mayer´s Metropol Parasol maybe the most representative of them.


On these lessons, we´ll teach how you can create these type of structures. We´ll start by creating a double curvature surface as our host geometry. Then we´ll use this one to extract our waffle-like structure from it by creating a parametric definition that will allow use to control the position and number of surface elements.

Then you are going to learn how to code a script to automatize all the connections or notches of your elements.

Finally, we will lay down all the resulting surfaces with their connections in our X,Y Plane and label them, so we can later laser cut and assemble in a physical study model.

We broke down this course so at the end of you´ll have three different tools you can use on your projects which are.
-A Grasshopper definition to extract Ribs from a host surface.
-A versatile Rhinoscript to create connections between surfaces.
-A Grasshopper definition to lay down multiple surfaces, tag them and get them ready for laser-cut them

This course will be available on your library on Decemeber.

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