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Cerebral Hut by Güvenc Özel

We traditionally assume that the built environment, whether in the architectural or the urban scale influences our psyche. What if we can reverse that relationship?

Architecture Schools should be dissolved. . .

Architecture Schools should be dissolved unless . . .

Arduino , the Documentary

Arduino The Documentary is finally out , and following the tradition of the project it is open and free to download and watch it.

Patenting Geometry

This is a guest post from Daniel Davis in this post he investigates the Evolute´s moves to patent whole toplogies of shapes.

Collaboratig at Rojkind Architects

For the last 5 months I´ve been working at Rojkind Achitects basically being responsible for the implementation of Parametric Design Systems and Generative design strategies.

F(AA)SHIONS/ AA Visiting School Paris, Spring 2011

The Architectural Association School of Architecture,will offer a 10 day international visiting programme in Paris running this academic year 2010-2011.

Arduino- The Documentary

Arduino The Documentary 2010 is finally out, and available for everyone to see it online

A Manifesto for Postindustrial Design

Mass production, as we know it, will soon be extinct. So say goodbye to heavy metals, huge warehouses, and durable goods. And say hello to the bearable lightness of living networks, metabolism, and code.

Digital Crafting Symposium

The digital Crafting Symposium took place on December 2010 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen

FORM+CODE in Design , Art and Architecture

Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture offers an in-depth look at the use of software in a wide range of creative disciplines.

Conferencia ITESM ,Qro

El proximo lunes 1 de Noviembre estaré juntos con mis compañeros del colectivo Chido Studio dentro del Ciclo de conferencias de la SAARQ del ITESM.

The future of Money

What are young adults thinking about money and value? How can we create new systems of wealth generation and abundance?

Nordkyn generative logo by NEUE

NEUE Design studio creates generative live Logo for the Nordkyn peninsula ,the logo pulls live data to recreate itself .

A little message for all architects

Dear other architects, Please stop entering design competitions. It’s sheer folly. Here’s why:

Starting to use Flattr !!

I’ve started using Flattr to help show and recieve appreciation to people that make good things on the internet.

So, what is Processing?

Lecture from its creators Ben Fry and Casey Reas given last year at the ART && CODE SYMPOSIUM were they explain basically almost everything you need to understand and know of this development environment.

IAMADISPLAY [processing]

I Am Display is a light installation facade that has the intention of playing the audience perceptions plays with the perceptions of its audience

Soxels Acustic Media Facade [processing]

Soxels is an acustic media facade created by by Simon Schiessl and Felix Hardmood Beck , developed and prototyped with a matrix of approx. 1000 speakers

About the possibilities of 3d Printing

Here is a great lecture shared yesterday by @digitag about the possibilities that technologies like 3d Scanning , prametric design and 3d printing

Digital Materiality Gramazio & Kohler

I you have two spare hours I would really recommend it specially for those wanting to understand better the connection between programming and architecture

Proto Beanstalk Workshop

Proto Beanstalk workshop its “An architectural fairtale” with the objective of engace the conceptual and technical domain of parametric design .

Open Source Project for the Venice Biennale

Last week I was interviewed for the Open Source Project for the Venicie Biennale , where I talked a little bit about some of my thoughts about Open Source

CHROMAtex.me by SOFTLab

Help supporting SOFTlab to produce an installation at the bridgegallery in the lower east side of Manhattan.

MOS talks about experimenting with Architecture

Here´s an interesting Q+A from Michael Meredith,MOS Architects at the creators project event were they designed an impressive architectural installation . . .