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Architecture Schools should be dissolved. . .

Architecture Schools should be dissolved unless . . .

Arduino , the Documentary

Arduino The Documentary is finally out , and following the tradition of the project it is open and free to download and watch it.

Off Book: Generative Art – Computers, Data, and Humanity

An intriguing combination of programmers, artists, and philosophers, these creators embrace a process that delegates essential decisions to computers


The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent of people in an unprecedented way, unleashing unlimited creative opportunites.

Collaboratig at Rojkind Architects

For the last 5 months I´ve been working at Rojkind Achitects basically being responsible for the implementation of Parametric Design Systems and Generative design strategies.

Arduino- The Documentary

Arduino The Documentary 2010 is finally out, and available for everyone to see it online

Happy New Year !!

Hello everyone just writing to wish everyone a happy and exciting new year and decade , also to thank all readers and followers of designplaygrounds.com for being with me this year.

A Manifesto for Postindustrial Design

Mass production, as we know it, will soon be extinct. So say goodbye to heavy metals, huge warehouses, and durable goods. And say hello to the bearable lightness of living networks, metabolism, and code.