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2009 Pavilions!!

So 2009 ,has finally ended, so I thought it was a good time to make a recapitulation of some of the projects  that have been built during 2009 , The thing that I like about pavilions  is that they allow for designers and architects to push boundaries in terms of architectural concepts and building systems that other kind of projects many times are restricted because of economic and long term usability factors.
The 2010 is going to be a great year for pavilions design mostly because of the world expo is going to be held at Shangai were we will se lots of amazing projects.



Driftwood Pavilion was designed by concept designer Danecia Sibingo, and her team of Lyn Hayek, Yoojin Kim, Taeyoung Lee, Suram Choi, Kyungtae Jung, Jerome Tsui, Feras El Attai, Rama Nshiewat, Camille Steyaert, Hisashi Kato and Ryan Phanphensophon. Apparently it “provides a thoughtful, provoking reminder of the UK’s inextricable link to the sea – its undulating form created by the motion of the water, carried by waves and coming to rest in busy central London”.

Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2009 has been designed by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of leading Japanese architecture practice SANAA.


Burnham Pavillion made by  UNStudio designed for the celebration of the centenary of the new plan for the City of  Chicago  wich was impelled by Daniel Burnham.



Burnham Pavillion made by Zaha Hadid designed  also for the celebration of the centenary of the new plan for the City of  Chicago  wich was impelled by Daniel Burnham.

Prada transformer

Prada transformer by  Rem Koolhaas and OMA Portable, shape-shifting cultural pavilion that allows several events to take place in the same space.

unstudio 2


New Amsterdam Pavilion by UN Studio located in Battery Park, New York
The Pavilion and Plein (public square) have been presented as a gift from the Netherlands to New York to commemorate their 400-year relationship.


Galeria Adriana Varejão Pavilion designed by Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez for Inhotim Centro de Arte Contemporânea in Brumadinho, Brazil. The museum is made up of multiple pavilions throughout the 35-hectare park.

What do you think about the architectural projects built in 2009 ?