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Collaboratig at Rojkind Architects

So it´s been a while since the last time I wrote what was I up to , for the last 5 months I´ve been working at Rojkind Achitects basically being responsible for the implementation of Parametric Design Systems and Generative design strategies into a wide variety of large scale projects currently being developed.I´ve also had chace to participate in the digital fabrication aspects of some projects for example by creating scripted tools that extract information from geometries to be sent to fabricators so they can produce and execute the design.

All this time has been a total roller coaster , the office is relatively small considering the amount and scale of projects being developed so I´ve been jumping in and out of projects the whole time. the part I like about being few people is that I feel that my the ideas and work I´ve developed have really been having big relevance in the overall projects design , thing that may be difficult to achieve working for 100+ employee company for example.

Also the speed has been an interesting fact for me, stuff is going crazy fast all the time , It´s been challenging to keep up the step , but somehow I´ve been developing the capacity to provide several design solution in really short time spans , If somebody could showed me some months ago the amount of stuff being produced I would never believe it , the team working at the office its pretty awesome and that has really encouraged me to be a better professional.

At the end I feel very happy fortunate for being able to apply and develop my computational design skills and apply them to really meaningful and rewarding projects such as the Cineteca Nacional and some others which currently remain at a secretive state so I can´t talk much about them.

Designplaygrounds keeps being one of my top priorities we have continued giving some talks and Workshops across different Universities , Studios and Design centers we´ll keep up with that , also I´ve been working a lot of after hours under the hood of the website I´ve hired a couple of great people to work on the redesign of it.There are also some interesting personal projects going on of which I´ll speak in another occasion.