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Creativity won´t make you succesful !!

I´m starting to like the dynamic I´m making on this blog of finding interesting lectures , learn from them and then try to catch up interesting thoughts worth of sharing.

Yesterday I stumble upon a very good one from Seth Godin, it talks about the fact that you won´t have any success by being creative youl´ll be successful by producing and delivering .It´s not about the number and quality of ideas you may have and start, its all about what you actually get finished.A great idea never finished it´s worthless,we often wait for the perfect time and conditions for making something,this will never happen , one must get stuff done with the time and resources available.

I find interesting the fact that most people or I would dare to say everyone has enough creativity to be successful , our core problem is not the lack of creativity but the percentage of ideas that we actually execute.If we get to compare the ideas that cross trough our minds every day to the ones we get done we would realize that we are not only not lacking of creativity but on the contrary we have more than enough, the problem rarely is the creativity.

At the end we all are always trying to be different to break the established ,challenge everything,find new ways to solve problems,I think that´s in the mind of almost every human being therefore that´s not what makes you special,what it really makes you an outstanding person is the way you overcome you inner fears,prejudices and external obstacles to get things done and take your ideas to a reality.

In this lecture Seth mentions something about domain our lizard brain, that is an auto sabotage system that we all have, it is related to a survivor instinct we have to protect ourselves from any kind danger,It talks about how as soon as we start to fabricate an idea and get to work on it, the sooner we are to finish and deliver it, this part of our brain speaks up , and starts measuring all the possible things could happen wrong and all the problems we could get into, this makes us stop and abandon the idea.We must pay a lot of attention when this starts to happen and learn to control our thoughts in order to get everything we start finished , only by delivering ideas you will eventually become successful.

So now you know creativity won´t take you no were unless you have the guts to confront all the fears and obstacles crossing your way.

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain from 99% on Vimeo.

  • n.z.

    hey, thanks a lot!! for this post!! it was really so mind opening, although things seem simple sometimes, this is one of the hardest things i ever managed to do – to really start something, and than to – finish it!!

    this great lecture really made and impact on me with its simple and very effective example!

    thanks again for this great post!

  • nice tip Rodrigo. gotta get out of that trap myself! 🙂

  • Rodrigo

    Hey thanks guys, glad you have find it useful !!

  • Eduardo

    Que interesante conferencia…como dicen, lo que parece simple, resulta ser muy complicado, pero a la larga es lo que más perdura!!!
    Muy buena, a callar el “lizard brain” y a ponerse los pantalones!

  • Rodrigo

    Hola Eduardo de acuerdo contigo creo que lo importante es nunca dejar de producir , hay que tener cuidado de nosotros mismo y no caer en ciertas actitudes.