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Digital Crafting Symposium

The Digital Crafting Symposium took place on December 2010 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, fortunately they have uploaded all videos from the event for people who could not attend this event, thanks very much to The Digital Crafiting Network for making this information available to everyone.
You can check out all videos of the lectures here.

Symposium Context:
Recent years have seen the development of common digital platforms creating new collaborations between architecture, engineering and construction. The consolidation of new interfaces between design and fabrication has lead to a more variegated design practice and the exploration of new structural systems.

The first Digital Crafting symposium asks how the integration of design, analysis and fabrication challenges the knowledge spaces of design, engineering and craft. The symposium presents new models of collaboration between the partners of the built environment and discuss how these can lead to new building practices.

The symposium invites leading practitioners and researchers from fields critical to the profession. The symposium is run in three sessions. Each foregrounds a particular aspect of change, towards which presenters from different yet linked domains build a cross disciplinary perspective.

The DigitalCrafting symposium addresses practitioners, researchers and students from the fields of architecture, engineering and construction. The symposium is open to the public.

Some of the lectures :

Enric Ruiz Geli (Cloud9) at the Digital Crafting Symposium 1 from CITA on Vimeo.

Michael Meredith (MOS office) at the Digital Crafting Symposium 1 from CITA on Vimeo.

Sean Ahlquist (Proces2/ICD University Stuttgart) at the Digital Crafting Symposium 1 from CITA on Vimeo.