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FORM+CODE in Design , Art and Architecture

Recently I finished reading Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture (Design Briefs) and I got to say this one is really a “must have” for al people interested in computational design and algorithmic design processes in art , design or architecture. While most books of these subjects focus on the practical part of teaching programming languages like Learning Processing: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming , these book provides an ideal introductory text to understand the theoretical part of it, it explains the history behind computational design and introduces you to a nice collection of projects made during the last 60 year in various fields like archietcture, industrial design , photography or visual arts.

The first part of the book explains in a general and understandable way basic concepts like what is a code, the history of how computers have been used for artworks and design tasks along the time , and some of the ideas about why to introduce code to our creative process. The next chapters are orginized by specific computational design concepts like:
Each one explained in detail by featuring a nice collection of projects very well illustrated, at the end of each chapter there are some code examples for you to play with in orther to understand better what you have just read.

So if you are student or a professional interested in this emerging area of creation this book will definitely set you on the right tracks to get started , you can find more of my favourite books at the BOOKSHELF