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Haiti Eartquake Long Term Support!!

Hello everyone , I know this is subject may not be related to what I normally post here but I think that everyone with a communication platform has the obligation and the opportunity to speak up and aware people when tragedies like the one that is happening in Haiti occur.

The woman in the video speaks of something very true , that is that people (me included) only get interested when this tragedies still are news , but we fail to see that the support needed is on a long term basis , I´m not saying that we should from now on be making donations from now on, but at least be conscious that these people have a long way ahead to recover what they have lost.

So anyone who reads it and is in possibility to help at the end of the video their appear some organizations you can support you can also follow @Alyssa_Milano on twitter wich is doing a great job updating people about the situation and ways to help (besides she is Alyssa Milano),I´m thiking on saving my weekend money anyway with this F#@!ing cold who wants to go out.